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Sociedad facing stern test

On the cusp of their first Copa Del Rey final since 1988, Real Sociedad takes a 2-1 lead into the second leg of their semi-final with Mirandés. As has so often been the case this season, Martin Ødegaard was the hero for La Real in the first leg. It was his goal that ensured the La Liga side claimed the home win they were heavily favoured for.

It was Ødegaard who scored against Real Madrid in the shock quarter-final win which knocked Zidane’s side out of the cup. The club from which the Norwegian is on loan! As thrilling as the 4-3 scoreline suggests, it was one of the stand-out games of this year’s competition. La Real have provided a few eye-catching results in the Copa Del Rey, including an 8-0 battering of Becerril. Anytime they have gone away to play lower division teams in the cup, they have won by more than one goal. That could well change against Mirandés.

As if it was not surprising enough to see the semifinals being without both Barcelona and Real Madrid, we also have aside from the Segunda Division in with a real shot at making the final. Mirandés did not make it to the semifinal by sheer luck. They have not been given easy fixtures having had to play no less than three sides from La Liga.

Winning at Estadio Municipal de Anduva

All three games were played out at the Estadio Municipal de Anduva, the ground that Sociedad travel to this midweek. One could argue that Sociedad, with Ødegaard, Isak, Januzaj and Oyarzabal in their ranks are better than those teams. That is only half true though as Sevilla are higher in the table than La Real. Sevilla was the team beaten by Mirandés in the round of 16.

Mirandés had their chances in the first leg and we would argue that the penalty which was awarded against them was harsh. Given their home record in this competition. We would not rule out Mirandés being able to push this one very close. Maybe even into extra-time.

There is no doubt which team has more talented players. This is by far the biggest match for the home side in decades. Mirandés intend to show how they made it this far. With their last seven matches having both teams of the sheet. We think “both to score” looks a tasty proposition.

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